Which Website hosting service is best for you?

Having a website is the reigning deal right now. This is you owning a space where you can always come, scrabble down thoughts or information you deem valuable or useful to internet users who get to access it using your URL. A website is a series of web pages embodied under a domain name, which is a set of characters used to describe and address on the Internet.

Taking it a step further is when you decide to acquire your own space, then you will need a hosting space to guarantee your personal space online – we call this Website Hosting, and there are a number of website hosting that you can make your decision from.

When an individual decides to employ the service of a website hosting company, there are some factors to consider before actually settling for one. Amongst these are:

  • Knowing if the website to be registered is a business-oriented or e-commerce oriented kind, or just a personal site or even a complex one.
  • Which of these website hosting companies has its uptime and reliability most guaranteed?
  • The cost charged by the hosting companies and which is most favorable for you.

Hosting a website generally makes available features that allow your site function adequately such as a mailing list, a control panel, the ability to create stores easily, access to some simple website builder tools and support either on the phone or live chat varying on the choice you settle for.

Web Hosting Types

Considering the different options available for website hosting, it could be quite a task for a beginner to make decisions. Some of the options available are;

Free Hosting

This is the simplest form of them all. It often comes in free packages but can be very limited. Internet providers often provide you with space for your website. However, this form lacks a lot of features that come with the more advanced services. It also comes with very low space and bandwidth scale. It is most suitable for newbies to get acquainted with Web hosting.

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Shared Hosting

This gives more access to full scripting features required for the more advanced packages. It also comes with more control over your activities on the Internet site. However, it still doesn’t have the entire features needed for your website. It is the best-paid web hosting to start with and the easiest to use.

VPS (Virtual Private Servers) Website Hosting

VPS Hosting is also known as “Private Cloud.” It is based on servers which are crafted using virtualization mechanisms, and it is the most advanced of them all. This form comes with a lot more control over your hosting. Although, you still have to share the server with other people, however, they are a lot less, and you get to have complete control over your own space.

Dedicated Server

This allows you to have the whole server to yourself; this makes this hosting more expensive than the other types of web hosting. Effectiveness in using this type might require a little bit of experience to use as it gives you total freedom, control, and best speed.

Having prior knowledge on the type of website hosting available helps you to make the most informed decision as to which of them suits you best.