4 Powerful Actions of Your Explainer Videos in Boosting Your Conversion Rates

Explainer videos are no longer news to you. Indeed, you have heard that videos enhance visitors’ attraction of your website by more than 80%. Also, it has the same capacity of boosting purchases. It is likely that 6 out of 10 viewers of your videos will take action described in it. The customers also state that videos are now an essential tool enabling them to acquire information about brands and products.

Despite these facts, you may still be reluctant to try your hands on explainer videos.  But did you know your video explainer can boost your conversion rates? Here are powerful actions that can lead to this benefit:

Embedding your videos strategic places on your website

The success of any marketing or action-oriented campaign lies in its strategy. When it comes to online, the rule remains the same. How you position your content determines whether it will be useful to the visitors or not.  For instance, if you put an introductory video on the Contact Us Page instead of the Homepage, it is likely to have limited effect.  The homepage is the doorway to your site.

Hence, it should be the place for your explainer video. In a word, you should position your videos in a way that they create a first impression on your website. A popup can also be a suitable way of enhancing viewing on your site.

Use characters that relate to your content


The first breakthrough in your videos is their ability to connect with the viewers. Connectivity does not come naturally. You must build it. How well the audience connects with your viewers determine the results – whether they will take a step or not.  High connectivity always leads to positive actions that raise your conversion and lead rates.

To create a strong connection between your explainer videos and viewers, the characters you use play a critical role. The characters that are likable and with the ability to relate to what the viewers are going through enhance your video connectivity. For instance, using a formal dress code and tone when explaining about office solutions can enhance your conversion rates than when done informally. Also, ensure the non-verbal devices such as facial expressions relate to the viewers. A good selection and usage of the devices can boost your explainers’ connectivity.

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Work on your script

Well, the backbone of your explainer videos is the script. Even with a topnotch selection of characters and animations, if you fail to develop a quality script, the final product will be poor. The story you are sharing in the video is the determiner of its arrangement of characters and voiceovers. Hence, a good script will lead to a smart and captivating video. The opposite is also true.

Remember, the purpose of your videos is to offer information that will lead to action. However, no one will take action unless they are requested to do the same and provided with information to convince them that making such a decision is a quantifiable idea. Thus, always go for high-quality and well-written and organized scripts to enhance your explainer video conversion rates.

Ensure the is a nonstop flow


Imagine watching a video that offers ten or even twenty solutions inconsistently. The statements are incomplete. No answers nor adequate information.  Most likely such a video will bore you. Also, you will lose engagement and concentration. For this reason, to enhance the conversion rates from your explainers, you need to ensure there is a nonstop flow of character and animations. You should offer the whole story in a way it is easy to follow, relate, and understand. Remember, your goal is to break down hard and complex content into easy to absorb bits.