Most people disregard font style and size as boring and irrelevant in regards to conversion rates. What you don’t know is that the fonts you use when writing your content will either improve your conversion or ruin everything for you.

A web page that has great fonts will have less bounce rate and will also get more clicks. To make it even better, your fonts and style will boost your conversion rate by over 100%.

When writing your landing page content, you need to be very careful about your style as this is what will enhance conversion rates.

  • The call to action section should be written in a font that will attract the interest of every visitor. It should make the information very clear as this will increase the likelihood of converting visitors into clients.
  • On the landing page too, make your listed benefits and features stand out. You can use serif fonts to ensure that every visitor keeps what he read in mind.

The Heading

Your heading should create attention and impact the visitor. When you yell like ‘stop! You See!’ your visitor will definitely want to know more about the statement. Always remember that the heading and your landing page are meant to grab attention.

Your fonts and style speaks a lot

When you want to convey some serious information and use the Comic Sans font, the information will not have the desired effect. The people’s perceptions about your message will affect the conversion rate and this means you have to be really careful.

A guide to Picking the right font and style to improve your conversion

It is not how pretty a font is that brings conversion; it is how well the font is able to drive a point home

The font and style you select should complement your text, not overpower it. Your visitors should remember what the text was about, not the font and style. This is what will skyrocket your conversion rates.